Email Writer Girl Saves the Day

Faster than office rumors, more powerful than good strategy, able to leap poor planning in a single bound. The child of Writeon is now the Woman of Miracles: Email Writer Girl! I'm here to fix all your problems with a single email. <swoosh> Ta-dah! No need to thank me; it's my job. <sigh> When I have the … Continue reading Email Writer Girl Saves the Day


Why Are You So Mean To Me?

I had just given a 3-minute intro on myself and my field of work—no small feat. I mean, few actually know what human change & communication is, so to explain it in a couple of minutes was something to be proud of. Prior to my speech I felt empowered. I was sitting at a table … Continue reading Why Are You So Mean To Me?

Communicating Under Fire

MI Compass Services, Effective Communication, Human Change

How does an introvert develop a passion for effective communication? By disaster. I spent several years with the American Red Cross as both an employee and volunteer. And it was in the disaster planning arena where I gained my favorite story on communication gone wrong. In the disaster response world, agencies and organizations prepare by … Continue reading Communicating Under Fire

Should—The Most Dangerous Verb

MI Compass Services, Human & Organizational Change

Dangerous? A verb? Yes. Think about it. How often have you said... They should have thought of that. (Because you have the advantage of hindsight?) My husband/wife should XYZ. (Because your way is best?) They should know that. (Because you do?) Don't get me wrong—I'm guilty. Probably more often than I care to admit in … Continue reading Should—The Most Dangerous Verb

Organizational Change and the Step-family

Sponsors and Change Management

If life is like a box of chocolates, organizational change is like a relationship—and the step-parent is the change consultant. I lived with teenage boys, via relationship with their father, and I learned all I need to know about organizational change from the experience. Sponsorship. Having the primary sponsor aligned to the project vision is … Continue reading Organizational Change and the Step-family

Why Stop Marketing at the Employee Entrance?

Organizational Change

Marketing is big business. Not kind-of big, $500-some-billion a year big. Backed by research. Supported by data. Created as a gift to all of mankind! Okay, too far, but you get my point. But do we apply marketing techniques to our own internal changes? Let's explore. We have the customer (employees) and the product (change). We want the … Continue reading Why Stop Marketing at the Employee Entrance?