Too Close for Comfort?

You received the dreaded negative post-project feedback: lack of communication. And because you are a passionate and proud professional, you took this allegation seriously.

So you consulted the team, tallied the emails, counted the WebEx sessions, and came to the only logical conclusion—they’re idiots.

Entirely possible, but what if there’s an element of truth? What if you communicated the wrong information for your audience? What if you were simply too close to the subject?

Communicating to a broad audience is tricky. They probably have little interest in the minute details, so losing their attention to competing priorities is easy. And if they aren’t listening, it will seem (to them) as if you didn’t communicate at all. Ouch.

Don’t beat yourself up. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time.

  • Having a deep understanding of the project is your job, not theirs.
  • Sharing what the project means for the audience creates a personal connection.
  • Creating two-way dialogue can help ease anxiety about changes.
  • Connecting the project to organizational goals identifies you as a visionary leader.

So chin up, keep trying and happy communicating!

Shannon Vasko is a natural-born planner with a passion for strategy and integrated communications. © MI Compass Services

Project Management Communications
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