Why Stop Marketing at the Employee Entrance?

Marketing is big business. Not kind-of big, $500-some-billion a year big. Backed by research. Supported by data. Created as a gift to all of mankind! Okay, too far, but you get my point.

But do we apply marketing techniques to our own internal changes? Let’s explore.

We have the customer (employees) and the product (change). We want the customer to buy the product (adopt the change) so we can turn a profit (ROI). And we need to communicate (market) to make the magic happen.

So what do we do? Break out our Marketing 101 skills? Develop a solid strategy from proven (that was billion with a “b”) techniques?


We send an email. And not even a crafty marketing email that makes us shout “Yes, I’m in!” but a text-heavy, uninspiring email.


Why do we leave established sales techniques at the employee entrance? Make your change sexy. Give it appeal. Convince your employees to buy what you’re selling. Unless, of course, you’re not buying it either.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”  – Tom Fishburne

Shannon Vasko is a natural-born planner with a passion for strategy and integrated communications. © MI Compass Services

Organizational Change
Photo by Nguyen Nguyen on Pexels.com

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