Why Stop Marketing at the Employee Entrance?

Organizational Change

Marketing is big business. Not kind-of big, $500-some-billion a year big. Backed by research. Supported by data. Created as a gift to all of mankind! Okay, too far, but you get my point. But do we apply marketing techniques to our own internal changes? Let's explore. We have the customer (employees) and the product (change). We want the … Continue reading Why Stop Marketing at the Employee Entrance?


Too Close for Comfort?

Project Management Communications

You received the dreaded negative post-project feedback: lack of communication. And because you are a passionate and proud professional, you took this allegation seriously. So you consulted the team, tallied the emails, counted the WebEx sessions, and came to the only logical conclusion—they're idiots. Entirely possible, but what if there's an element of truth? What … Continue reading Too Close for Comfort?

3 Tips for Great Email Content

Communications and Human Change Management

You've been sending email for as long as you can remember. Probably picked up technical tips and tricks along the way. But what about techniques for creating better content? Here are three quick tips to developing email messages for today's audience. Get over yourself. "I was promoted to VIP because of the detailed and complex email … Continue reading 3 Tips for Great Email Content

Welcome Message

Communications, Marketing, Website and Social Media Content

Why the dichotomy? Old world map meets modern technology? Because we live in a dichotomous world. We want our offices remote, yet connected. Our experiences authentic, yet created. The pace at which we're given tools to exchange information is staggering, yet each rely on one thing notoriously inadequate—humans effectively communicating. My passion is connecting the two … Continue reading Welcome Message